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Italian All Enamel Charms

  Alarm Clock
  Rhinestone Moon
  Dalmation Dog
  Cell Phone
  Two Red Hearts
  Blue Moon
  Painting Pallet
  Yellow Daisy Flower
  Smiling Frog
  Beer Mug
  I Love You
  Heart with arrow
  Red Elephant
  Star Fish
  Ballet Shoes
  Blue Dolphin
  Cool Sun
  Red Lady Bug
  Slot Machine
  School Bus
  I Love My SiS
  I Love My God
  Baseball Glove
  Pink Teddy Bear
  Boxer Shorts
  Green Turtle
  ABC Block (blue)
  Butterfly (blue)
  Bumble Bee
  Chili Pepper
  Footprints (pink)
  Comedy/Tragedy Masks
  I Love You
  Black and White Dog
  British Flag
  Peace Ribbon
  Horeseback Riding
  Two Footprints (blue)
  Enamel Fish
  4 Leaf Clover
  Christmas Dove
  Christmas Angel
  Flying Angel
  Nurse Cap
  Pink Piggy
  Sports Shoe
  I Heart Dogs
  Dog with Bone
  Monkey's Face
  I Heart You (pink)
  I Heart Grandma
  Aunt Over Red Heart
  Watering Can
  Pink Ballet Shoes
  I Heart You
  I Heart Golf
  I Love Cats
  Brazilian Flag
  Number One Daughter
  I (Heart) My Daughter
  Number One MOM
  Hockey Player
  Ice Skate (black)
  Girl Power
  Scissors (on red)
  Sweet 16
  Fireman's Helmet
  Cherub Crossing Arms
  Flip Flop (worn)
  Dart Board
  Soccer Fever
  Canadian Flag and Soccer Ball
  Girl's Rule (on soccer ball)
  I AM Canadian
  Poland Flag
  Denmark Flag
  Old Yugoslavia Flag
  Cherub Leaning
  Police Badge
  Bride and Groom
  Mona Lisa
  We Can Do It!
  Baby Smiling
  House with Sold Sign
  Nail Polish
  Giraffe Head
  Princess No. 2
  Girls Rule Boys Drool
  Charm Tool
  Funky Love
  100% Angel on blue
  Bunny with Headband
  Duck with Bow on Head
  Heart 2 CHEER
  Handprints (pink)
  Handprints (blue)
  Unicorn on Black
  Lighthouse with Rays
  Bats on Moon
  I (heart) MOM
  Ford Logo
  Mercedes Logo
  Daddy's Girl
  Penguin with Santa Hat
  Candy Cane
  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  Penguin No. 2
  British Columbia
  New Brunswick
  North West Territories
  Nova Scotia
  White Swan
  Rodeo (on red heart)
  Green Ribbon
  Barrell Racer
  I Love You
  Cuban Flag
  New Zealand Flag
  Austrailian Flag
  Yukon Flag
  "AND" sign
  PS: I Love You
  Chiauau Dog
  Happy St. Pat's
  Luck of the Irish
  Happy Easter
  Police Hat
  Lounging Monkey
  Bee Otch
  Mommy (red)
  Mommy (pink)
  Love you Mommy
  Mom with Pink Rose
  Mom with Red Rose
  Super Mom
  Thanks Mom
  Happy Mom Day
  Soccer Player
  Referee Jersey
  Daddy's Princess
  Mommy's Princess
  Royal Flush
  Great Grandma
  USA Flag
  I (heart) my Godmother
  Cancer Survivor
  I (heart) BC
  Harley Chicks
  Red Hat Society
  Tap with Dancer
  Tap shoes
  I (heart) Nascar
  I (heart) My Girls
  I (heart) Lacrosse
  Golf Club on Green
  Jolly Santa
  Seasons Greetings
  Christmas Globe
  (Heart) Skate
  Black Horse
  I (heart) Hockey
  Happy Mother's Day (yellow rose)
  Dog Paw Birthstone - June
  Class of 2006
  2006 with Grad Hat
  Santa with Ruby Stone
  Santa with Diamond Stone
  2007 Grad Cap and Diploma
  Best Mom Heart with Yellow Flower
  Best Mom (on heart)
  Happy Mother's Day (super link)
  Mom (on red heart)
  Blue Teddy Bear
  Smiling Canadian
  Holly Hobby
  New Baby Girl
  New Baby Boy
  Flying Witch
  Class of 2008
  Clover and Hat
  Canada with Maple Leaf
  Dragon Fly
  Baby Holding Finger
  In Memory of Mother
  In Memory of Grandpa
  In Memory of Aunt
  I (heart) Basketball
  Austism Ribbon
  Shoe Fetish
  Happy Birthday Balloons
  Dollar Sign
  I (heart) Slots
  Cards and Chips
  Chef's Hat
  Cowboy Hat
  Yellow Flower
  Friend on Red Heart
  Smiling Sun
  Love My Girls (on pink)
  Love My Boys (on pink)
  Spider web
  School Bus #2
  Canadian Maple Leaf Round
  Canadian Maple Leaf Rectangle
  Canadian Goose
  #1 Teacher
  Tea Cup Blue
  Red Kettle
  Black and Yellow Fish
  Sail Boat
  Goggles and Snorkel
  Marry Me
  Marry Me with Ring
  Baby Carriage
  Shooting Star
  Hot Air Balloon
  Jump Rope
  Walk for Cure
  Got Braces
  Cat Lover
  Praying Cross
  Cross with Rose
  Kayaking Italian Charm
  Eifel Tower
  Arc de Triomphe in France
  Portland Oregon
  London Clock Tower
  Colosseum Rome
  Trojan Horse Greece
  Mount Rushmore
  Brooklyn Bridge
  Twin Towers 2
  NYC - The Big Apple
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